You! Made to be Amazing!

Made to Be AmazingLately I’ve really struggled to find a decent book to read.  Not a novel, I’ve got bookshelves full of them.  But something to change my thinking, impact my life.  All the ones I’ve picked up recently have just left me cold or dry or I’ve found too stuffy….

However, I stumbled across this book recently and while it’s not a life changer, or suggesting any new radical thinking, it is an excellent little book.  It’s also an absolute steal, you can get it for just 51pence (not including delivery) from Amazon!

Basically it’s lot’s of little quotes from Max Lucado’s other books which all talk about us, our creation, our place with God, our intentionallity, our giftings, our creativity.  If you have all of Max’s other books then you may have read most of them but this book is an excellent little encourager and booster that I read as part of my devotion every morning, and it gives me a happy little lift 🙂

Here’s a sampler to whet your appetite:

“Be a butcher if you want to, a sales rep if you like.  Be an ambassador if you really care.  You can be anything you want to be.  But can you?  If God didn’t pack within you the meat sense of a butcher, the people skills of a salesperson, or the world vision of an ambassador, can you be one?  An unhappy, dissatisfied one perhaps.  But a fulfilled one?  No.  Can an acorn become a rose, a whale fly like a bird, or lead become gold?  Absolutely not.  You cannot be anything you want to be.  But you can be everything God wants you to be.”


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Disciple, husband, father, photographer, rubbish surfer, geek. Just another human on the walk of faith; exploring, learning, living. Welcome to my think pad :)

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  1. Dude, this is kiff. I like. I order 2 books of the above.
    keen to share the love man.

    we must meet up again and just hang!

    Razzle Dazzle


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