“Sloppy Wet” v “Unforseen”

This post started off as a simple ‘I’ve found a cool link about this so I’ll share it’ and then kept growing until I thought “I know, I’ll write a post!”. I’m really not the first to write a post about this, I probably won’t be the last, and I’m probably just jumping on the bandwagon but hey…I want to jump on this bandwagon ‘cos it bothers me. (maybe it shouldn’t, but it does)

Anyways, about 2 years ago I discovered a song, by a man called John Mark McMillan, a song called “How He Loves”.  It’s a beautiful, poetic, awesome, powerful worship song.  It’s a song that has stayed with me, that I sing most days, that I YouTube most weeks, that I can’t get enough because I love how it speaks to me and how I meet with God whenever I hear it.

But it has caused controversy because of one simple line: “heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss”.  Not your normal lyric for a worship song, and in fact has been deemed too controversial for some people.  David Crowder Band covered the song and changed the line to “unforseen kiss”.  I’ve heard of other churches change it to “passionate kiss” or “wedding day kiss”, or strangely “heaven meets earth and I cannot resist”.

I don’t have any issues with singing sloppy wet kiss.  I won’t go into the details behind the line, or the song as I don’t want to duplicate what others have already written, but check out the links to the blogs that do write about it below.  For me I love the imagery, meeting God in the mess, in the passion, in the excitement.  Not kissing God, but encountering Him where I am.  Not somewhere perfect, not a neat little peck on the cheek, but God and me, in the mess of life.

When I introduced this song to our church we started singing “sloppy wet”, recently I noticed we’ve moved to “unforseen” and it bothers me.  I make the point of singing sloppy wet, but it still bothers me. Why do we feel the need to change the words in case they cause offense?  Who are we to change the message of what God has given to someone else?  Christianity isn’t a ‘go quietly into the night’ kind of faith, it’s an in-your-face-challenge-you-to-live-better-lives kind of faith…

Below are some links to help you think about this a bit more…

Here’s John Mark McMillan’s blog where he explains the line a bit more:


Here’s a slightly more humorous look at it:


In case you don’t know the story…check out this vid:


And, if you want to hear one of the most passionate versions of this song (one that nearly makes me cry every time I hear it):

P.S – If you like this, check out more of JMM on Spotify – seriously good songwriter…


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