New camera? I hope so!

I’m a bit of a photography geek.  I love taking photos, looking at photos, looking for photo opportunities everywhere I go…check out my Flickr stream here.  So I get quite excited when I hear of new developments in camera technology and I’ve just come across one that looks amazing!

Check out the guys over at Lytro – they have come up with an amazing new concept – the Lightfield camera.  You can see it in action on some of the photos on their website.  I can’t put the photos here because WordPress doesn’t allow iframes or flash

Check them out here.

It’s phenomenal, unbelievable!  I’ve put my interest in for a new camera but I have a feeling that it will come in slightly above my budget!

Stuff like this amazes me, and continually points me towards an amazing creative God…where else would people get the skills, ideas and talents to pull this kind of stuff off?


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Disciple, husband, father, photographer, rubbish surfer, geek. Just another human on the walk of faith; exploring, learning, living. Welcome to my think pad :)

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