The end of a decade

Super quick post ‘cos I need to head to bed…

Tomorrow is a big day for me – the end of a decade…I finally hit the big 30.  People have been winding me up about it for a while now and I’ve been dreading it.  Can’t quite put my finger on why, maybe it’s because I’m used to saying I’m “twenty-something” which sounds young.  Now I have to say “thirty-something”…that’s only one number away from “forty”.

But then I got thinking.  I think the real reason is that I really loved my twenties.  A lot has happened in my twenties (in no particular order):

  • Got married
  • Became a Father
  • Realised my calling to youth work
  • Went to uni (who would have thought that would happen!)
  • Got a 2:1 (who really thought that would happen?!!)
  • Moved to Buckingham
  • Met so many amazing people and formed so many special and priviliged friendships

And so much more that I either can’t remember or don’t have the time to write down.  I’ve loved being twenty.  Maybe I need to stop dreading leaving it and instead look to what my thirties will/may bring and embrace that excitment….

Roll on tomorrow!


About NickF

Disciple, husband, father, photographer, rubbish surfer, geek. Just another human on the walk of faith; exploring, learning, living. Welcome to my think pad :)

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  1. hey dude, a word of encouragement (how is that for christianese), we get so caught up in time and age in this world… but seriously if we are living for God, we live forever right?

    so gee… 30 years.. is just a blink.

    you’re a spring chicken dude!
    and then that awesome call: “to be child like because theirs is the kingdom of heaven”

    growing up… nah!
    opening your eyes wider… heck yeah!


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