So, I haven’t blogged for months. This last year has been fairly rough. Our eldest, Daniel, is currently going through the process of being diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome – which on it’s own is tough enough. Thomas, whilst being delightful, has been a bit tricky in his first year. Sleep deprivation has been a common occurrence but that slowly seems to be improving.

However, these last few weeks have probably been the most brutal of all.

Two weeks ago a girl in Buckingham died. A girl who was relatively unknown to me, but very well known by a large number of the young people I work with, and by the other youth in Buckingham.

I was involved in organising a memorial for her at the parish church, attended by about 400 people – most of them youth. I then went to her funeral last week at which there was probably about 500 people.

Watching young people grieve and mourn has been so painful. Especially young people so close to my heart and who I have so much love for. Watching people this young having to wrestle with the questions they understandably have, yet are impossible to answer has been tough. Especially as the person trying to answer the questions…

When I was a youth I went through some difficult times, but nothing like this. I have admiration for them; they are facing up to their grief and loss. They are comforting each other and supporting each other. They are looking after each other and unafraid to cry together.

My prayer is that not only will they feel the love and support of the church but that also we will learn from them. We will learn how to be honest and open together. To share not only our successes but also our failings, our fears, our doubts and seek comfort together.


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  1. dude, this was a moving post. sorry to hear about Daniel and his AS.
    and the loss of that teen in buckingham. man thats tough.
    we have such a delicate and tough ministry at times.
    keep pressing on my friend.
    how did hillend go?


  2. hill end was good. a welcome break and change of scenery, particularly for the youth 🙂 we went to a new site which was awesome!

    new job going well?


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