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Came across this reflection last week from WordLive (Scripture Union). It’s really struck me and I keep re-reading it. Thought I’d share it with you….

Come with me, sit a while, enter the silence and be still.

Take a long look at the view, at the places you’ve come from and the mountains you’ve climbed.

Look intently at all that has changed over the years.

Remember how he first found you: how he took you from the dark and washed you clean.

Remember the times you’ve come out of yourself to love and think beyond you.

Remember the handprint of his work in your life.

Remember the painful times, when you know that you have failed to love and failed to trust.

Sink your head towards his chest and say sorry.

He knows.

He is there to forgive.

Take time to look ahead, at the crags and valleys to come, some shrouded in mist and uncertainty, some terrifying in their dark
shadows, some lush in their green hope.

He will be there through it all.

Stand up, face this future, face the scorn of friends, face the doubts that rage in your mind, face the accusations
that swirl around and stand up.

No strength of yours can face these.

He will give you the strength, the faith; he will strengthen your heart.

He will come again.

Drink long draughts of this truth.

Breathe deeply this clear pure air of God at work in your past, present and all that’s
to come.

Amazing words. So beautifully put & inspiring.

All rights etc. to Wordlive & Scripture Union

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