Money, money, money

So I’ve been thinking about money lately.

I watch Grand Designs on a regular basis. I’m a fan of aesthetic design and I love seeing what people come up with but I was watching it the other day and reminded of a tweet I saw recently:

“I’d love to have enough money to build a house like Grand Designs”

Something I’ve noticed about Grand Designs: it doesn’t matter how much money the people have, they always build something bigger than they can afford. If their budget is £200k, their house will cost £500k. If their budget is £1.2 million, it will cost £1.5 million.

They never seem to have enough money.

I remember reading an interview with Simon Cowell once. The interviewer drew attention to the amount Simon was earning – several thousand pounds a minute. They then asked Simon if there was something he didn’t have. His reply was this:

“Money, I need more money. I don’t have enough”

A man who earns more in an hour than I do in a year is claiming he doesn’t have enough money.

Why does it drive us so much?

Why do we continually live beyond our means?

Why do we fail to recognise the power it has on us. On all of us. On those who have it in abundance and those who crave it.

[Edit] I guess Paul knew what he was talking about when he said that the love of money was the root of all evil.

We have to be so careful we don’t turn a need for money into a want. An essential into a desire, a lust. We must respect it and not become consumers of it.

I try, but I fail. Maybe we all do…..

Something to think about….


About NickF

Disciple, husband, father, photographer, rubbish surfer, geek. Just another human on the walk of faith; exploring, learning, living. Welcome to my think pad :)

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  1. dude, I like this comment. There is a spiritual aspect to this money and i guess you are right it “grabs” a lot of me. and teaches them to be discontent.
    but PLEASE can I correct you. its not “money that is the root of all evil” its ACTUALLY “the love of money that is the root of all evil” I think that makes a big difference? agreed?


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